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Green Underwear…

…is hot for so many reasons.  Environmentally-friendly and all.

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Buddha Pears!

This is way cool  Some farmer in China has spent the last few years perfecting the process of growing pears to look like little buddhas.  Apparently, shaping fruits is fairly common, and involves using molds to grow them.  Pretty amazing.

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Little boys aren’t the only thing priests are attracted to

As someone who grew up Catholic, I found this article very interesting.  It is about a priest who carried on an affair with a woman for a number of years, and fathered a son who now has cancer.  The Church paid her a lot of money to keep her quiet, and she had to sign some pretty severe confidentiality agreements.  And of course, they did nothing to the priest but move him around to different jobs.  Kinda like their response to the sex abuse scandals.

This brings up the whole debate about priest celibacy, and whether it is a good idea.  It seems that priests have always been having sex, either with women or altar boys, so maybe it’s a good idea to scrap the policy…

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No Lesbians in the Yearbook

So this dashing young lesbian wanted to put the above picture in her high school year book, saying she prefers to wear boy’s clothes and didn’t want to wear a dress.  The school won’t let her, and now the ACLU is taking up the case.  Good luck to her.  Being an out lesbian in high school in Mississippi is hard enough, without this happening…

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Gay Vampire?

So Esquire has an article proffering a new theory as to why there are suddenly all these vampire movies/shows/books.  I was wondering the same thing, but I didn’t come up with there idea:  apparently it’s all because straight women want to have sex with gay men. Does this make any sense to you?  They say it’s something about gay high schoolers being really awkward, and having girl friends who want them.  I was awkward in high school, but somehow I still don’t see the connection to vampires.

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NYC Hate Crime

I was out of town last weekend, so I missed most of this, but there was a pretty horrible beating of a gay man (who ended up in a coma).  The suspect is in custody, but his friend is now speaking to the news claiming that it was not a hate crime, and they didn’t target the man because he’s gay.  Sorry bud, it’s kinda hard to take you seriously when you have a GIANT Leviticus tattoo on your arm.

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Ken Jennings

Sooo it looks like the House Republicans are joining the Fox News commentators on this one…I thought this story wasn’t going anywhere, and it was just one of those ideas pushed by Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck to discredit Obama.

If you don’t know, Ken Jennings is the ‘safe school czar’ and he was also the former head of GLSEN (gay and lesbian student education network).  All the uproar came after conservatives discovered that, twenty years ago when Jennings was a teacher, a student approached him to tell him that he was having a sexual relationship with another man.  Jennings, 24 at the time, was flummoxed and told the boy to make sure he was using a condom.

Now, this was clearly the wrong advice, and Jennings admits this now.  One response to this situation would be “wow, look how ill-equipped teachers are to deal with students like this.  It’s a good thing we have someone like Jennings in the administration to push for more teacher-training on issues like this.”  Instead, some conservatives are pushing for his resignation, saying that he is clearly unqualified to lead a school safety initiative.

They also throw in the fact that he has pushed for age-appropriate lessons on the gays, to help end anti-gay bullying and make it easier for gay kids in schools.  Makes sense, but of course, acknowledging that gay people exist is somehow evil, and the conservatives are having none of it…

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Dumbledore would love it

If you love Harry Potter, then you know that Dumbledore is a big homo.  So the Harry Potter Alliance, a Massachusetts-based group “dedicated to bringing the themes of Harry Potter into the real world” announced an effort to help the fight against Prop 1 in Maine (which would ban gay marriage there).  They are planning a concert with Harry and the Potters and Draco and the Malfoys (two totally dorky HP bands), and then are canvassing in Maine.

Oh, and Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood in the films, is involved.  How magical!

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Scrutinizing the gays

I’m a regular follower of the legal fights that gay rights groups are working on, so I’ve been particularly interested in the Perry case.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s a challenge to Prop 8 and is led by Ted Olson and David Boies, who are two all stars in the legal world (And opponents in Bush v. Gore).  Today, Judge Walker denied a motion to dismiss the challenge, which was a big win for the gay rights side.

The Judge brought up the question of what level of scrutiny to apply to sexual orientation cases.  Basically, when the government passes laws that discriminate against certain groups, courts apply different standards of review depending on what group it is.  So, if the government is discriminating against a racial group, the court will apply strict scrutiny (meaning that the government needs a really compelling interest to discriminate).  For gender, it is a lower level of review called intermediate scrutiny.  For most other classifications there is a low level called rational basis review.

The Supreme Court has never stated what level of scrutiny to apply to sexual orientation.  The higher the level, the harder it will be to discriminate against the gays.  So we’d hope for at least the intermediate scrutiny that is given to gender.  As of now, though, it’s never been decided by the top Court.  So we’ll see!

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Great article from a soldier affected by DADT

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